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Local Roll Off Dumpsters can help you with your roof replacement project. The most familiar type of roof shingles are the classic ceramic ones, but asphalt shingles are far simpler to install - so simple, that most home owners can perform roof replacement by themselves and save a bundle on contractors.

Every roofing supply store worth its salt stocks asphalt shingles. They are sold in strips that can contain as few as three shingles per strip, so you can buy just a few for a quick patch-up job. It can be difficult to pick shingles that match the color of your roof, so make sure that you pay attention and don't end up with a patch that garishly sticks out. When you're buying roof shingles, make sure that you also have a water-proofing adhesive, as well as a supply of roofing nails. You will also need tin snips, so check if you have a pair at home and pick some up if you don't.

On your roof, pull the nails out of the damaged shingles. Make sure to remove the nails holding both the top and the bottom of the shingles you're going to replace. Then, use the snips to cut out the damaged area and put in the replacement shingle strip. After you have nailed down the strips, don't forget to cover the nail heads with the roofing adhesive.

Of course, this only works for simple roof repairs, so if you have extensive roof damage, you're better off calling in a roofing contractor with experience. You may not be able to find all the leaks and water damage yourself; complex installation and repair projects that involve welding, for example, may be necessary to allow collecting water to drain. Finally, many roofs are unsafe to work on, and a home owner risks serious injury or worse by attempting to do repairs himself.

If you have any doubts about your ability to complete a roof repair project, you are always better off calling in an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor who knows just what your roof needs and will be able to maintain proper safety technique. Sometimes it's better to pay a little extra and avoid a lifetime of regrets due to carelessness or inexperience.


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